Therapists in the EA community

If you prefer to see a therapist or counselor who's familiar with effective altruism, here are some options.

Ewelina Tur

Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

I know that therapy can be a very challenging process. My approach is to be compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental but also authentic and goal-oriented. My primary aim is to help you develop specific skills that allow you to improve your well-being and solve future problems by yourself. I also make use of concrete techniques and tools, which you will further practice through regular homework.

I use different techniques from many forms of evidence-based therapy, most commonly CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.

I often work with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, procrastination, lack of motivation, burnout, perfectionism, problems in establishing or maintaining romantic or social relationships, life crises, and more. I don’t treat acute psychosis—including affective disorders with (severe) psychotic symptoms—and severe eating disorders. 

I’ve been working with EA clients since 2018. I have worked in various mental health hospitals and research institutes since 2012. 

I mostly work online but can offer in-person sessions in London. The first call is always free. The 50-minute sessions are £70 per session. 

For more details, see my website.

Damon Sasi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My model of therapy is non-hierarchical. As the therapist I have education and experience, but the client always has expertise on their own life, history, and what works and does not work for them. I utilize evidence based therapies (such as CBT/DBT, Internal Family Systems, Solution Focused, and Narrative therapy), and my focus is always on ensuring that I’m not just providing a non-judgmental ear, but also access to a knowledge base and depth of experience that can supplement the client’s own understanding of their life and difficulties to achieve measurable growth. My practice is all online at the moment and charges $150 per session. I'm located in Eastern Time, but I keep weird hours and can see clients in European timezones. Learn more at

Thomas Blank, PhD

Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Due to high ethical demands, there are a number of mental health issues that EAs seem particularly susceptible to, e.g., perfectionism, self-sacrificing or depression/anxiety in general. Successful treatment is based on a detailed analysis of the origin of your problems, the current situation and the conditions that are perpetuating the problems. In cognitive behavioral therapies, I use a structured, evidence-based approach (Kanfer et al., 2012): Anamnesis & Diagnosis, Goal setting, Intervention Planning, Intervention Execution, Evaluation. This is achieved by joint decision making at every step and patients’ active working attitude towards facilitating positive change.

I’m a mathematician, psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher in mental health working at the Medical University Vienna, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, and at a mental health outpatient clinic.

Gina Hafez

Licensed Professional Counselor

I will be running small groups (3-4 people) for EAs beginning in October - December 2021. Ideal candidates are those looking to unravel personal life/project philosophies and develop a meaning-making frame. The first group launch won’t have a cost, so I’m looking for volunteers!

Daria Levin


I'm a UK-based psychotherapist mainly using a cognitive behavioural (CBT) approach but also incorporating other evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, compassion-focused therapy, schema therapy and some humanistic techniques. I work with depression, anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and others. I also work with less disorder-specific issues such as perfectionism, insomnia, and burnout, and with people undergoing major life transitions such as job loss, migration, divorce, or loss. 

I haven't worked with EAs before, and I wouldn't necessarily self-identify as EA, but I do know a lot of EAs socially, and I share a lot of their values.

I deliver sessions both online via video call, and in-person in North Oxford. Currently I'm only seeing clients who are normally resident in the United Kingdom. For more information, or to book an initial consultation or therapy session please visit my website.